Brush Conversion Kit



D-K 715/ 740/ 760/ 780/ 800/ 803 & 903

C60 / 61 /70 & C50 /51

C4 /C10 & LC333

MK4 / MK6 /MK7

Advantage - Technical :

To maintain the Existing Flat Tops for carding action free from Seed Cots, Short fibers, Husk and Micro Dust.

To reducet the NEPS generation caused by accumulated Micro dust in the foundation which is a perennial problem.

To allow clean revolving flats to enter carding zone (Between revolving flats & cylinder) to take more NEPS, kities and short fibers to reduce IPI.

To avoid waste of power of compressed air and man power used for cleaning.

One wooden roller with 4 rows of imported Mexican Fibre Bristles and 2 rows of fillets, shall effectively remove the Micro Dust and seed cots, Leaf bits and other foreign materials

Deposition of Titanium D-Oxide on the flats is removed by the system to achieve consistent Quality.

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